Life on the RIver



The Savannah River

Ever since the City of Augusta was formed in 1735, the essence of the city was always founded on the Savannah River. With scenic views of the cities of Augusta and North Augusta, the Savannah River is a great place for outdoor activities such as boating or kayaking.

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With 40 acres of beautiful wetlands, Brick Pond's full of abundant wildlife, scenic views, and even a family of alligators! A truly gorgeous location for canoeing, fishing, or even just a picnic, the Brick Pond Park is a fun trip no matter what!


North Augusta Greeneway

A seven mile walkway through some of South Carolina's most scenic environments, the North Augusta Greeneway Trail is a must-have experience in North Augusta. Whether you're biking, walking, or hiking, the Greeneway Trail has a place for you!

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