North Augusta

In 1891, North Augusta's city founder, James U. Jackson and city planner, Charles Boeckh ad always envisioned a city that was fully engaged with the Savannah River. Initially developed as a center for manufacturing and business, the riverfront portion of the plan faltered until the latter half of the 20th Century when the City Council of North Augusta called for a new plan to complete Jackson's original vision.


Hammond's Ferry

This dream was fulfilled with the development of Hammond’s Ferry, a rue traditional neighborhood development (TND) to give residents of North Augusta a neighborhood where they could live, work and play in a beautiful, walkable community that emphasized great public places. The nucleus of the Hammond's Ferry masterplan, however, always called for the creation of a new Riverside Village town center, where downtown North Augusta would effectively extend from Georgia Avenue, through the beautiful Brick Pond Park to the River. This portion was always intended as a true urban scaled mixed use development, with beautiful public plazas, hoping, restaurants and urban style apartments, condos and homes. In 2011, it was determined that by bringing a state-of-the-art minor league baseball stadium to the plan, the dynamics of the town center were finally in place to move forward.

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Riverside village

Though the seed was planted over 100 years ago, it wasn’t until May of 2017 when the dream truly became a reality and what was then called, "Project Jackson" broke ground by the Savannah River and the 13th Street Bridge. Flourishing into what we now call Riverside Village and SRP Park, it was only due to the incredible efforts of the citizens of North Augusta that allowed our new community to be built. Soon, Hammond's Ferry in North Augusta will represent one of the finest examples of a true mixed use traditional community in the United States.

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